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Section 1: General Terms and Conditions

tl;dr no costs, no exclusivity if you're only running campaigns on the store, exclusivity if your chapter wants permanent retail products on your chapter store

What is the Merch House Chapter Store Program?

We're the only Greek licensed apparel company that builds permanent online stores Greek chapters. The Chapter Store program is where we build a custom store for all your Chapter's apparel. We handle all aspects of opening and running an online store for your chapter. 

Lot's of apparel companies are offering "stores". What makes you unique?

When these companies say "stores" they usually mean a product link that stays open for a period of time (during which people can buy) and then it closes and the product is gone. Some people call this campaign links or group order links. We can do that (more on this below) but our difference is we can populate your chapter's store with products that never have to be taken down and people can purchase with no minimums. It's a true permanent online storefront. 

Whats the difference between a campaign product and a retail product on our storefront?

A campaign product (also known as a group buy product) is a product that can only be purchased for a set period of time. Once that time is up, the product is taken down. It's a great way to rally alot of people to buy a product at the same time to drive down the cost of the product or to raise money for a philanthropy. 

A retail product is a product that stays on your store permanently. There's no expiration of that product link. There's also no minimums people need to purchase in order for us to produce the product. The prices for these products will be a bit higher than campaign products. 

Are there any costs associated with having a Chapter Store? 

Nope - we do not charge any type of fees (subscription, hosting, etc). 

Are there any contracts to sign with Merch House to have a Chapter Store?

No - we don't require any written or verbal contracts. Any time your Chapter wants to start or shut down your store, let us know. However, we do have a clause on exclusivity - see below. 

Do we have to use Merch House exclusively for our Chapter's apparel if we have a Chapter Store? 

Yes and no. If your chapter only wants to run campaigns or buy in bulk from us, you do not have to use us exclusively. HOWEVER, if you do want retail products, then we ask you to at least give us a chance on ALL your Chapter's apparel orders. If we are not the best price and we don't offer the product or service you're looking for, we're ok with providing an exception. But, if we can make it and we're the best price, we ask that you go with us. We do reserve the right to close down your Chapter's store if we're seeing that we're constantly getting passed on.

Section 2: Creating and running your Chapter Store

tldr: you will be assigned an exclusive team of community managers who'll guide you through the entire process and help you with whatever you need. 

What is a House Admin?

House Admin is a current officer or exec who can make decisions about your Chapter's apparel and who will be the main point of contact and account holder of your Chapter's store. To ensure smooth communication, we ask the chapter to dedicate only person as the designated House Admin. 

What can I personalize to give the storefront our Chapter's look and feel?

We give you the option to add a custom banner, add your Chapter's website and social media handles, and a brief description of your store. 

Do we make any money off our Chapter Store?

Yes, there's two ways your Chapter can make money off your Chapter Store. First, you can mark up campaigns to raise money for your Chapter or philanthropy. We will send funds from campaigns directly to the chapter or the philanthropy. Second, we will provide a credit of $1.00 per item sold on your Chapter's store. These credits can be used as credit on any order on our site. 

What type of products can I sell on our Chapter store?

Depends on whether you want to sell the product as a campaign or retail. There's almost no limitations when it comes to campaigns but we are limited on what we can offer for retail products. Your community manager will have more details on products we can put on the store. 

Are there any limitations to designs we can make?

All designs and products that we put on your Chapter's store must be approved by Nationals. There's nothing to do on your end - we will handle all the approvals and let you know if there are any issues. We can also help you come up with original designs. We have a full team of graphic designers and a gallery with thousands of previous designs you can draw on for inspiration. 

How are products on the chapter store priced?

We set and control the price on retail items. This means we reserve the right to raise or lower prices at our discretion. On campaign items, we will work with you to provide quantity price breaks and allow you to mark the item up so you can raise funds for your Chapter or your philanthropy. 

Can I pick and choose what products go on our Chapter Store?

Absolutely. If you'd like to remove an old design, just contact your community manager and we'll be happy to help. 

Can I see a list of people who have purchased items from our Chapter Store?

Yes - on your Chapter Store dashboard, we provide a link where you can view every purchase made on your store. 

How do I pass my Chapter's store account to the next House Admin?

You can update your chapter's contact information on your dashboard or contact your community manager. 

Section 3: Misc questions and help on orders placed on your store

For help regarding orders already placed on your chapter store or on our site, please click here or contact your community manager. 


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